Cattle lines

slaughtering cattle
Sheep lines

slaughtering sheep
Pig lines

slaughtering pigs
Ostrich lines

slaughtering ostrichs
Meat processing linesmeat processing lines
Offal processing plantsoffal processing
Weighing machinesweighing machines
Cold storage

cold storage
Auxiliary plants

auxiliary plants

Offered services


The services that COGEMAT provides are those of a modern and dynamic Company thoroughly considering the requirements of the most demanding customers, both in the public and private sector, and, more generally, in the "meat" field.

assembly of slaughter linesThe design, both preliminary and executive, is carried out by the engineers who specialize during a long-term acquired experience within the company.

The machines are manufactured in its own factory, while, for the most basic metallic carpentry work, COGEMAT uses third party suppliers who execute the works under its direct control.

The assembly of slaughter lines and installation of auxiliary equipment, testing, as well as the commissioning and after-sales service complete COGEMAT range of activities.