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Review - Eurocarni


The largest sheep slaughterhouse realized in Saudi Arabia

Between the 15th and 20th March what can be considered the largest ovine slaughterhouse in the world has commenced its production. It represents the biggest sacrificial slaughterhouse in the Makkah, Saudi Arabia, and a better moment for than the annual Haji festival could not have been chosen because the whole Islamic world joins for the ritual slaughtering of sheep.

The project represented a great success for the small Italian, and in particular Sicilian, company because the contract to supply and install the slaughter lines, and all the necessary equipment, was won by COGEMAT Srl., a well-known company in this field. This was just the right moment for COGEMAT Srl to make its debut in foreign territory.

The work was realized under the strict control of the Saudi Arabian Public Works Ministry, as it represented the largest religious work that had been constructed in the latest years, and as the peremptory date had been imposed in order to permit the use of the slaughterhouse during Haji Celebration of the year 2000.

The efforts made to fulfill the terms of the contract were enormous because immediately after the contract was signed, at the end of May, until the perfection of the Letter of Credit on behalf of the Arabian purchasing company, Al Owaidah, by the end of the month of August no edifice had been built, while the last deliveries had to be executed irrevocably within 31st December 1999.

Therefore, COGEMAT Srl mobilized the most competent Italian companies for the required components and accessories.

sacrificial slaughterhouse in the Mecca