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Press release P&A legal


P&A Legal assisted COGEMAT Srl, Italy’s leading company in the automatic slaughterhouse-lines market, in the settlement of a contract to project and install a slaughterhouse, commissioned by Al Thega, the Libyan company for industrial slaughterhouses.
The agreement foresees the supply of an automatic slaughterhouse, that will follow the Islamic methods of ritual slaughtering, amounting an approximate value of 6 million euro. The Italian company, founded by G. Arena in 1988, has recently completed a slaughterhouse at Makkah for a daily production of around 200.000 sheep a day.

“This assignment is particularly interesting” says Paolo Greco, managing partner of P&A Legal, “because our office had to carry out an analysis on the Halal slaughtering law (meaning conform to the prescriptions of the Islamic religion) in Libya. At this regard - lawyer Greco continues - having such specific competences in-house represents a great support, as Lorenzo Ascanio is an expert of such matters. In overall, our office competences in matters regarding Islamic law represent a great support towards our customers. Today – Lawyer Greco concludes – we are in fact one of the few professional realities that may count (also) on an University curriculum in classic Muslim law. We intend to offer to the Italian market such competences, especially in matters of Islamic finance and trade of Islamic products (from financial to food).”

Paolo Greco
P&A Legal
Fonte: - December 2009

Note: The work in progress has been stopped due to the Libyan Revolution.