Cattle lines

slaughtering cattle
Sheep lines

slaughtering sheep
Pig lines

slaughtering pigs
Ostrich lines

slaughtering ostrichs
Meat processing linesmeat processing lines
Offal processing plantsoffal processing
Weighing machinesweighing machines
Cold storage

cold storage
Auxiliary plants

auxiliary plants

Technical Data  MAKKAH 2000

 Surface area of site  800.000 sq.m.
 Surface area of construction  300.000 sq.m.
 Sheep slaughtering capacity  200.000 in 14 hours
 Sheep slaughtering capacity  1.000.000 weekly
 Overall cost of work  138.000.000 U.S.D.
 Slaughterhouse employees/workers  6.000 men
 Maintenance workers  4.000 men
Cogemat contribution to construction:
 Installation of overhead rail  52.000 m.
 Motorized rails  13.000 m.
 Sloped transporting belts (to other floors)  No. 220
 Conveyor belts - 150mt each one  No. 24
 Construction time - (June ’99/Feb 2000)  8 months