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Review - Ingegneria Alimentare


COGEMAT S.r.l. produces the cattle ritual killing box

The Muslim consumers' rising standards all over the world has contributed to a strong growth of Halal food both at national and international level.

Today the worldwide business is estimated at around 200 million dollars, referred to an estimation of 150 million appraised by a Maltese Governmental Organization.

The Sicilian company COGEMAT, headquarters in Misterbianco CT, observing and respecting all conditions imposed by the Koran for the animal slaughter, studied and produced the Cattle ritual killing box in order to consent the cut of the animal throat, live but immobilized, by means of a net cut of the neck blood vessels. Such operation must be performed by a religious practicing worker, facing Mecca, while the vital organs of the animal face the Holy City.

This high quality and technology product allows this complicated operation to be performed with great facility by sending commands with a joystick. All the movements needed to adapt the equipment to the size of the cattle, both length and width, are hydraulically operated, as well as the rotation and unloading processes.

Upon request, the machinery can also be manufactured 100% in stainless steel.