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The first EMU slaughterhouse in India


The latest news regard the completion of the first emu slaughterhouse that has ever been built in India. COGEMAT Srl has been responsible, right from the very beginning, for the development and realization of this innovative project.

The new line, located in Southern India, about 60km NE of Vijayawada, a city in the Krishna district, State of Andhra Pradesh, are a concentration of essentiality and functionality. In fact, our technical staff, after visiting a factory in Australia, where this sector market is one of the most competitive in the world for this sector, had the chance to revise and improve the knowledge, which was already considerable thanks to the years of experience gained in the Ostrich slaughterhouses, the first one being built way back in 1996, and thus adapting the system used for ostriches to the smaller dimensions of the Emu.

The result is a “jewel” which, thanks to our customers’ entrepreneurial abilities and complete trust in our staff, stands for the world to see and we, COGEMAT Srl, are the proud craftsmen who created this jewel.

emu slaughterhouse