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certificationsThe Quality Control System is aimed at fulfilling the quality objectives established for every single product/service offered as well as a complete customer satisfaction. The request for Quality Assurance is observed and enacted by all members of the staff in our company.
In order to guarantee full respect of its own reputation, the company undergoes an annual inspection carried out by the Certifying Body.

The documentation for Management Quality Systems is structured in 3 levels:
- “Quality Control Handbook” containing the laws, rules and regulations to insure the quality used for running the system;
- “Management Process Handbook” which contains the procedures to be followed by the company;
- “Instructions for Use” into which the information regarding all important details of the production stages are reported.

certifications Certification of qualification to execute public works

In compliance with the Presidential Decree 207/2010 ( Regulations regarding the execution and the actuation of the Legislative Decree no. 163 dated 12 April 2006, containing the "Code for Public Contracts for Works, Services and Supplies actuating the EU directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/17/EC"), COGEMAT obtained the Certification of qualification S.O.A. (Certifying Body), document which replaces the enrollment within the ancient Albo Nazionale Costruttori (Constructors National Register) and which the company needs in order to participate in public calls for bids for Public Works (according to the attached Certification category and classification).

Halal Certification

Halal Certification

In 2013 COGEMAT S.r.l., having always observed a particular attention towards the Islamic world, obtained the prestigious Halal certification. In fact, the result of a series of technical and functional audits, the Certification Body attested that our Halal ritual equipment - ritual box for cattle and bleeding table for goats/sheep - are endowed with the technical-functional and religious characteristics in order to achieve the above certification, safeguarding the conformity to the Islamic rite and the welfare of the animals.

Such certification allows further to COGEMAT to reference to the eyes of its Islamic customers attesting not just the obvious conformity of its products, but also the philosophy of regard towards the necessities (religious and not) of our Muslim brothers.